Job: Pound Park nursery school
Client: Royal Borough of Greenwich
Service: Extension
Value: £330,000
Timescale: 12 weeks

This scheme required a selection of works to be undertaken within a live school environment. These included, completion of new dining room extension, reconfiguration and refurbishment of existing toilets, kitchen relocation and associated works, build of new reception area, plus the rebuilding of boundary wall.

Solution and Results
This scheme incorporated both a refurbishment of specified areas of the existing school as well as a brand new extension to the building. We had only restricted site access, with no access to welfare facilities and only pedestrian access to the extension area. The first six weeks work was completed during term time which meant working in a live school environment, the additional four weeks during the summer holiday.
We worked closely with the school’s representatives with regards to working outside of school hours, deliveries and access to certain areas. This meant carrying out some works after 3.30pm and during weekends. The extension works needed to be carried out during term time, using our own separate access into the work area. All other works were accelerated and carried out during the school summer holiday.
This scheme was delivered both on time and on budget and was well received by both the school and the client team.